The purpose of this blog is to bring a sense of community back into Black America. When the evil head of Individualism emerges, we allow the outside world cast a shadow of hatred over our heads. All over social media, black news is loaded with racism, jealousy, manipulation, stereotype, and self-destruction. Black men are seen as slaves instead of kings. Black women are seen as products and trophies instead of queens. Black children are seen as incompetent, incapable, unintelligent and unremarkable. Young black men and women blanket their skin with colors and symbols to distinguish themselves from a self-made enemy. We as a people forget to love and cherish our ebony skin for it is the color of love and the connectivity between us and Mother Earth.

There will be no activist posts on this blog. There will be no posts which identify problems in the black community. The purpose is to highlight the wonderful things black men and women are doing across the world. I will leave comments open for positive discussions and debates. My hope is to eradicate the idea of individualism and create a sense of inclusiveness within the black community.


One Mind