Education Is Important At Any Age

Van McKellar was 72-years-old when he graduated from college. In 1956, McKellar dropped out of high school and began his blue-collar life working as a mechanic to support his family. As a black man growing up during the segregation, blatant racism, and hostility, I can assume that earning a degree was not as fathomable as it might be today. Making a decent wage to support the ones you love was the trend. However, McKellar is a shining example of a person who understands that value of a quality education. In 2009, McKellar decided to be home schooled with his daughter to and receive his GED. And in 2012, Van McKellar graduate cum laude from Metropolitan State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in African-American Studies and a Minor in History.


Education is key to true freedom. People will control, manipulate, and overstep you as long as they hold information that you need, for knowledge is power. To move forward and upwards, gain as much knowledge as you can, for it will always give you the upper hand. The man (or woman) who knows the most makes the most. Self education is key for to success.




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